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Resume Toolkit: June 2019

Does your resume feel repetitive? If your experience is all within the same industry or even the same company, it may make more sense (as well as save more space and keep recruiters interested) for you to present your professional and academic experience with a holistic, wide-angle approach. Meaning, rather than providing the granular and somewhat similar details of different positions, you use your precious one-page space wisely to highlight the most successful projects, vital skills, and impressive accomplishments of your entire career thus far. 

This month's resume does just that, by listing jobs and education in a simplified timeline format and then drawing the eye to your most hire-able qualities. Bonus points if you master the art of writing your cover and follow-up letters in the same succinct, yet efficient way. 


  • Click the document you want to use (or the full set) to open in Google Docs.

  • Go to File > Make a copy...

  • In the dialog box that pops up, change the name of the document as you please and select the folder in My Drive that you would like to save it to. Do not check any boxes before clicking "OK."

  • Now that the document is saved to your personal drive, you can insert your name, contact information, and other details into the template.

  • Once satisfied with your changes, you should Download as... a PDF document (.pdf) from the File drop-down menu. This ensures that the document is displayed as intended when uploaded to job applications, when printed, and when emailed to recruiters. 

  • Also make sure to keep your documents in your Google Drive so you can easily come back and update details or tailor for specific opportunities.