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Resume Toolkit: May 2019

Spring cleaning doesn't just have to apply to chores around the house. Give your resume a deep scrub (remove anything stale or redundant and give everything a refresh!) so that you are ready for when the next great opportunity comes your way. 

When narrowing down your most significant experiences and achievements, you may also want to pull out your key capabilities and knowledge into a more prominent space. If done right, incorporating a skills section to your resume can help you stand out from your direct competition and give recruiters a better sense of your abilities and why you are the perfect candidate for the job. There are plenty of soft and hard skills for every industry, so make sure the ones you are selecting are relevant, original, and honest!

This resume toolkit showcases your skills through its three column layout and opens the possibility for easy customization. Add your logo, colors, or fonts to match any branding you have across professional websites and LinkedIn profiles. With a complete set of professional stationery you'll have no trouble distinguishing yourself from fellow job-seekers. 


  • Click the document you want to use (or the full set) to open in Google Docs.

  • Go to File > Make a copy...

  • In the dialog box that pops up, change the name of the document as you please and select the folder in My Drive that you would like to save it to. Do not check any boxes before clicking "OK."

  • Now that the document is saved to your personal drive, you can insert your name, contact information, and other details into the template.

  • Once satisfied with your changes, you should Download as... a PDF document (.pdf) from the File drop-down menu. This ensures that the document is displayed as intended when uploaded to job applications, when printed, and when emailed to recruiters. 

  • Also make sure to keep your documents in your Google Drive so you can easily come back and update details or tailor for specific opportunities.