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Resume Toolkit: February 2019

If you search "resume templates" online, you'll be served thousands upon thousands of options. However, the more you click and scroll, the more they will all start to look the same, and using one of them as-is isn't the best way to make yourself stand out. Some recruiters may have a vendetta against applicants that use the copy-and-paste method of document creation, so it's definitely crucial to add your own personal touch to anything you put your name on.


Our Resume Toolkit series seeks to offer a few extra options for young professionals to use as a base when creating or refreshing their resumes and other application materials, and the added ease of being housed on Google Docs makes it so that anyone can save to their personal Drives and edit as they please!


This resume toolkit was made for those who want to show employers that they aren't afraid to think outside of the box. The monochromatic layout can be left as-is, but a pop of color is never a bad idea. You can also customize the fonts (we suggest sticking with some similar pairing of serif/sans serif!) Just be sure to match your other documents as well—we provide templates for a cover letter, a references list, and a thank you or follow up letter, but you can also tailor to act as your own personal stationery for any type of business-related correspondence.


  • Click the document you want to use (or the full set) to open in Google Docs.

  • Go to File > Make a copy...

  • In the dialog box that pops up, change the name of the document as you please and select the folder in My Drive that you would like to save it to. Do not check any boxes before clicking "OK."

  • Now that the document is saved to your personal drive, you can insert your name, contact information, and other details into the template.

  • Once satisfied with your changes, you should Download as... a PDF document (.pdf) from the File drop-down menu. This ensures that the document is displayed as intended when uploaded to job applications, when printed, and when emailed to recruiters. 

  • Also make sure to keep your documents in your Google Drive so you can easily come back and update details or tailor for specific opportunities.