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Resume Toolkit: Timeline

The new year is upon us, meaning that time and our place in it is top of mind. This is especially true for those who may currently be in the middle of a job search or those who are influenced by the ticking clock to consider beginning to look for a fresh start.

Our latest resume toolkit is ideal for someone with a few years of experience and accomplishments under their belt, who also wants to showcase these items in a unique and less-structured way. A timeline resume helps recruiters see the exact path you took to get where you are today, as well as help you better envision the next in your professional or academic career. The supplementary cover letter can be used to further showcase and expand upon your timeline points, and all together these four documents can set you apart from the competition thanks to their cohesive and modern design.

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  • Click the document above that you want to use (or the link to the full set) to open in Google Docs.

  • Go to File > Make a copy...

  • In the dialog box that pops up, change the name of the document as you please and select the folder in My Drive that you would like to save it to. Do not check any boxes before clicking "OK."

  • Now that the document is saved to your personal drive, you can insert your name, contact information, and other details into the template. Make it your own!

  • Once satisfied with your changes, you should Download as... a PDF document (.pdf) from the File drop-down menu and save to your device. This ensures that the document is displayed as intended when uploaded to job applications, when printed, and when emailed to recruiters.

  • Also make sure to keep your documents in your Google Drive so you can easily come back and update details or tailor/save for specific opportunities!