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Stories: Makayla Foster

Looking at the world of blogging and online influencers, it’s easy to get a bit starry-eyed. Their lives are often portrayed as picture perfect: they get to make a living from the comfort of their home or while traveling around the world, by sharing their stories, selfies, and opinions and getting paid in views and sponsorships. Their followers look to them for inspiration and advice, and sometimes even an escape from reality.

Though making this lifestyle your own seem as easy as having Internet and a personality, it’s definitely not as easy or glamorous as it looks. Up and coming online personality Makayla Lynn Foster knows this firsthand. She runs The Makayla Lynn blog, talks about her interests on YouTube, and is curating her Blogging Bosses resource space, and while she may not be considered a “professional” blogger, Makayla’s profession of choice over the last three years has revolved around her brands on the web and sharing what she has learned to help others start their own.

Makayla grew up all around the United States, ending up in Texas after graduating from the University of North Texas where she studied Psychology and Business Management. Her passions for entrepreneurship and understanding the human mind have guided her in her professional journey as an online content creator. She uses her platforms to encourage others to be their true selves, advise fellow bloggers, and provide actionable advice about college and beyond. Makayla’s academic pursuits were also underlined by her love of reading, writing, and poetry combined with an ongoing need for a personal outlet for her thoughts and feelings. She also followed a lot of business coaches, design idols, and vloggers at the time who were “killing the game and remaining consistent,” which ultimately drew her to joining them.

The battle between her aspirations and reality was complicated by things like content and layout changes, balancing her time, and funding her pursuits. Looking back now, Makayla wishes she had approached the beginning of her blogging journey differently—with not as much of an idolization of others and with less of an obsession with immediate growth and perfectionism.

“If I wrote down my own purpose, my own ideas, and planned my own design from the beginning, I would have reached where I am today a lot sooner.”

But of course, Makayla can’t dwell on this too much. After an understandable mix of trials, errors, and breakthroughs, she finally found the right style and niche for her blog and social media channels, and has chosen to move forward with patience and dedication to her motto of #LivingIntentionally.

One of the most important decisions she has made is to use what she has learned from this whole experience to help others—which is done through sharing personal stories on her blog, YouTube channel, and social media. It is also the motivation behind her Blogging Bosses site.

“It’s fulfilling to see that I’m helping people through a tough moment that I’ve also been through,” Makayla says about her blog consultancy project. “I feel like it’s my chance to pay it forward.”

She continues to be heavily motivated by social media, by both her idols who have already found success and by other peers who are trying to make it like her. Whenever she feels uninspired, she scrolls through her feeds. She also is a firm believer in self care; she wakes up early and goes the extra mile to take care of herself, knowing that this positivity and persistence will transfer to her work.

Because she is not currently working full time, she has had to find creative ways to supplement her passions. In addition to writing guest posts on other platforms and running content sponsored by major companies as many social, entrepreneurial bloggers do, Makayla also has side hustles like dog walking and house sitting that provide her with the work-life balance she needs to focus on her online ventures.

While some might question the longevity of this lifestyle or not fully understand her aspirations, Makayla probably couldn’t care less about others’ opinions of her and says she is in “no rush to get it together.” She is fully embracing the fact that she doesn’t currently have everything in her life figured out yet and enjoys navigating any and all obstacles that come her way.

“I’m a firm believer of chasing your dreams and sometimes those dreams require hours upon hours of work,” she affirms. As she once captioned on Instagram, she will continue to “boldly walk into greatness with the weight of uncertainty making [her] stronger.”

She is convinced that the best way to start anything is with a pen and paper, and that it is important to for people to regularly revisit and redefine their “whys”—remembering why she started and she wants to keep fighting for her future are what keep her motivated most and help her add and check off new items on her to-do list.

Always looking onward and upward, Makayla hopes to continue building upon her online empire to the point of self-sustainment to reach “a multitude of audiences through a multitude of topics and platforms.” Even with these goals, she still aims to keep a lot of her blog content targeted at the lifestyles of college aged women, push out more regularly scheduled video content such as her “ten minute tea time” talks, and provide blog auditing and tips to help more people. She is also currently in the process of writing her first novel, among other things. Makayla is the epitome of what it means to be #UnapologeticallyAmbitious.