• Megan Manning

Podcast Picks to Get You Through Your Week

daily recommendations to get the most out of your commute

Podcasts have become all the rage lately, and it seems that everyone from brilliant scientists to your favorite comedians has one. Whether you get to work or school by bus, car, or foot, the morning commute is always a little more bearable when you have something to listen to. Here are five podcast picks that will get you through your weekly commute, day by day.

monday: seek treatment with cat and pat

This is the definition of a perfect Monday podcast. Catherine Cohen and Pat Reagan are comedians who talk life, dating, and getting by as quasi-adults. It’s like a hungover Sunday brunch spent with your best friends, minus the mimosas. Their guest are always equal parts interesting and hilarious, and this show holds nothing back. It will have you laughing out loud and it is sure to brighten up your daily commute.

tuesday: off the vine with kaitlyn bristowe

Kaitlyn is a former Bachelorette with a love of wine and keeping it real. Not only does she talk about what happened behind the scenes on the show, she also discusses body image issues, cyberbullying, and the dangers of social media to our mental health. It’s an optimal mix of heart and laughter, and every week she and her guests make confessions that will keep you laughing.. Her episodes come out on Tuesdays, with bonus “Grape Therapy” episodes on Thursdays. Be sure to check out her running series “The Blairette” (a collaboration with her new scrunchie line) as Kaitlyn attempts to find Blaire, her scrunchie and milkshake loving friend in Nashville, a boyfriend.

wednesday: bad on paper

Grace of The Stripe and one of her best friends, Becca, started a podcast to talk about their love of bad books. Their podcast alternates between their book club picks and advice episodes where they answer follower questions about friendship, love, and careers. If you love guilty pleasure books or are a fan of lifestyle blogs, you have to give them a listen. Their podcast is a guilty pleasure of its own that lets you relax and listen as they talk about everything from skin care to breakups to YA fantasy novels.

thursday: thick and thin

Katy Bellotte is a 23 year old influencer who understands what it’s like to be figuring life out during your twenties. She’s still working through love and her career and what it really means to be “living your best life.” She’s an excellent storyteller whose podcast always hits the nail on the head for what it feels like to navigate life in your early twenties. Her sometimes rambling chats with a glass of wine feel like a long phone call with your best friend: cathartic, enjoyable, and always leaves you with something to think about.

friday: science friday

For when you want to feel more educated or you just miss the days of sitting in a classroom from 8-3, this podcast is worth a listen Science Friday will make you smarter and get you your weekly dose of lecture so you can head into the weekend knowing you really earned that break. Ira Flatow talks about issues of science that are relevant to our lives and has call-in guests who give their expert takes on subjects that range from sleep to election security. It will keep you informed and give you something interesting to talk about over drinks on Friday night.