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Resume Toolkit: Academic-Centric

Winter is fast approaching. Not only is it getting increasingly colder by the day, but the oncoming holidays and the end of the calendar year (read: yearly budgets) also mean that a lot of companies are going cold turkey in their hiring processes. This is obviously problematic if you are currently looking for a new job right now.

If you are a college student or a recent graduate, chances are you don't have a robust list of professional experience to brag about on your resume and therefore you might not stand out as much as some other candidates. Rather than waste valuable space on your resume, it is smart to highlight your accomplishments in the classroom and on campus. You can also use your supplementary documents to your advantage: make sure your cover letter provides thorough explanations as to how your group projects, student employment, extra-curriculars, and volunteerism are applicable to the job you want and also that the professors and professionals you list as references can speak upon your most impressive skills and qualities.

No matter if you are looking to land a prestigious internship taking place next semester, a fun retail job back home to earn some extra cash over winter break, a TA position with a professor you admire, or—if you're graduating early/late this December—your first full-time opportunity, this month's Resume Toolkit can help you display your best self to employers this season and beyond.

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  • Click the document above that you want to use (or the link to the full set) to open in Google Docs.

  • Go to File > Make a copy...

  • In the dialog box that pops up, change the name of the document as you please and select the folder in My Drive that you would like to save it to. Do not check any boxes before clicking "OK."

  • Now that the document is saved to your personal drive, you can insert your name, contact information, and other details into the template. Make it your own!

  • Once satisfied with your changes, you should Download as... a PDF document (.pdf) from the File drop-down menu and save to your device. This ensures that the document is displayed as intended when uploaded to job applications, when printed, and when emailed to recruiters.

  • Also make sure to keep your documents in your Google Drive so you can easily come back and update details or tailor/save for specific opportunities!