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4422 north ravenswood avenue

ravenswood | website

1212 north ashland avenue

wicker park | website

MAPPED: Chicago Coworking SPACES

corporate america is no longer all about the traditional nine-to-five job in a lackluster office, divided both by cubicles and managerial hierarchies 

Startup culture and entrepreneurs have long been disruptors of their industries, on top of years of ideological shifts and technological advancements, and have helped set higher standards for what a work environment should look like. 

Professionals of today, overall, seek more from their employment than just a paycheck—more purpose, more collaboration, more work-life balance, and more flexibility. This is especially true for younger generations who have grown up alongside the technology that makes all of this possible. Coworking has gained popularity because service providers have focused on these preferences. As opposed to a more conventional offices, coworking spaces offer a breath of fresh air. They often emphasize open floorplans, resources for telecommuting, and other perks that elevate morale, productivity, innovation, and work-life balance. Many offer multiple different plans for individuals and companies large and small—from on-demand desks and shared workspaces to remote offices and long-term rentable rooms and even entire floors, all with ancillary services that are shared among other members.

In Chicago, we are lucky to have lots of choice when it comes to coworking. International service providers, such as WeWork, have multiple locations throughout the city, and there are even more niche providers that tailor to specific groups and business models. No matter if you are a freelancer, early-stage venture, a travelling C-suiter (or aspiring C-suiter), or a more established organization, you're bound to find a plan and location that works just as hard for you as you work towards your goals.

shared workspaces, hot desks, and remote offices—oh my!


1 west monroe street

the loop | website

332 south michigan avenue

the loop | website

125 south clark street

the loop | website

330 north wabash avenue

river north | website

515 north state street

river north | website

20 west kinzie street

river north | website

111 west illinois street

river north | website

220 north green street

fulton market | website


4101 north broadway

buena park | website


1165 north clark street

gold coast | website

600 west jackson boulevard

west loop | website

1720 west division street

wicker park | website


222 west merch mart plaza

river north | website


73 west monroe street

the loop website

211 west wacker drive

the loop website

420 west huron street

river north website

318 west adams street

west loop website


2150 canalport avenue

pilsen | website


20 north wacker drive

the loop | website


405 west superior street

river north | website

18 south michigan avenue

the loop | website


358 west ontario street

river north | website


1 north state street

the loop | website

541 north fairbanks court

streeterville | website

350 north orleans street

river north | website


1 south wacker drive

the loop | website


171 north aberdeen street

fulton market | website

320 west ohio street

river north | website

909 davis street

evanston | website

This fairly comprehensive list should help you in your search for the ideal coworking space in Chicago. A couple more options can be found on Deskpass. If you have any other recommendations that you think deserve some recognition or have any feedback on any of the companies or locations on our list, please keep us in the know via

last updated: september 2018

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