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7 Apps To Keep you Organized This Holiday Season

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the part two || 12.10.2018

Couple in Christmas

Every year, December rolls around bringing the all the joys (and stress) of the upcoming holidays. There are company parties, family gatherings, big dinners, small gift exchanges—all among the regularly scheduled items that already clutter up your calendar. Your to-do list might double (or even triple if you are taking on the task of hosting) and it can be easy to get lost in the details instead of slowing down and enjoying this festive time of year!


We rounded up the seven most helpful apps to keep you organized this holiday season, helping you to manage cooking, shopping, list-making, and everything in between. 

Hobnob Invitations

If you are stepping up this year as host for any holiday gatherings, Hobnob will help you keep track of all the little details. Use this app to send out customized invitations to friends and family and be able to track RSVP’s anywhere you go. With the ability to send invites via text or email, everyone will be kept up to date and nobody has to worry about their invite getting lost in the mail.


NYT Cooking

This season (and all year round), keep your recipes organized with NYT Cooking. The app is easy to search for all the office party appetizers and family party desserts you may need and allows you to save all your chosen recipes in one place. The provided photos and step-by-step instructions make following these recipes a piece of cake, keeping stress levels low and any meal you contribute to into a huge success.


APPLE | ANDROID (similar)


There is nothing worse than having to brave the grocery store the day before Christmas because you missed a vital item your recipe needs the first time around. Flipp allows you to browse local circulars, find coupons and deals, and create shopping lists so you are sure to have everything you need. 



Santa's Bag


Santa’s Bag is an app made to help you organize your shopping and spending for the holiday season. Keep track of your recipients, mark the status of gifts as idea, purchased, wrapped, or given, and keep track of your budget to make sure your spending stays manageable. There is even the option to send your lists to others to coordinate with one another and make sure no one on your shared lists gets two of the same item. 

APPLE | ANDROID (similar)


Online shopping is getting increasingly harder to avoid, especially this time of year and in this day and age. Slice is a perfect tool for keeping track of every package that makes its way to your doorstep. By safely accessing your email receipts via notifications from your retailer, Slice will organize, track, and notify you of your delivery statuses. Keeping this all in one place is a lifesaver for messy inboxes and busy holiday schedules.



With all of the shopping, hosting, cooking, traveling and planning to be done this season, this to-do list app is a must. Use it to keep track of everything: tasks, lists, due dates, or reminders. With Wunderlist you can access your lists on your phone, laptop, or tablet whenever you need them, and can even share and assign tasks to your friends and family. 



Keep your beautifully wrapped gifts in order by creating custom gift tags with Canva. Just search their large variety of templates that make it easy to adjust colors, add names, and print out for your recipient.