we are the part two

What's In A Name?

we believe good things come in twos. We are two friends, from the second city, embarking on the second chapter of our lives. This is also our second major collaboration together. To most, our name might be a bit confusing. Typically anything involving the number two is considered nothing more than second-best. However, there is a certain charm to this number—think pairs, couples, second chances (and third, and fourth, and so on). To us, the part two symbolizes a fresh beginning and a whole new, exciting collection of possibilities. We want to showcase people who are at this same point in their lives, making moves and learning more about who they are along the way.

The Next Chapter

For many people, the notion of a “ part two” evokes ideas of starting over or moving onto the next chapter of one’s life. It may mean trying new things, learning from our mistakes, going new places, being stuck at a crossroad, stepping out of our comfort zones, or finding our way in the world. It can be exciting or scary, and is usually a mix of both. We want our platform to be an environment that encapsulates these feelings and allows people to share their stories, learn about other people’s passions, successes, and hardships, and explore all the possibilities that our twenties and life in general can offer. In order to keep our momentum going and make the part two representative and inclusive to the unique experiences of as many people as we can, we invite you to follow along, join our community, learn from others, write for us, and embrace your part two journey!

Dynamic Duo

two-of-a-kind. Having been best friends for a long time, we have been a "we" for quite awhile now. We work so well together because we share the same general background, values, interests, and goals (and often even the same exact thoughts!). We both also love being able to have a creative outlet to share and collaborate with others, as we work towards accomplishing our own individual and collective dreams. Sydney (left) recently graduated with her degree in Communication from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She serves as a mentor and alumni resource for two current UIUC students involved in the Leadership Certificate program while she searches for first full time gig. Alicia (right) graduated with a Marketing degree from Saint Xavier University in December 2017 and interns in the digital communications department at an international law firm while she also works towards breaking into her desired industry. Together, we created the part two + we can't wait to see what more we can make of it!

Our Story

Given the part two's focus on new beginnings and experiences, the fact that it was both born out of a new chapter and it itself represents a fresh start is kind of ironic but also fitting. Read Our Story to learn more about "Co-Everything" Founders Alicia Dutkiewicz and Sydney Septoski and how the part two came to be.