this is


part two

Our twenties are a decade of possibilities. It's a time for growing our understanding of ourselves, navigating unfamiliar territory, setting goals, experiencing different things, overcoming obstacles, learning from our mistakes, and trying to find our way in the world. Sometimes it's fun, inspiring, and exciting, and other times it's messy, uncomfortable, and hard. All of it makes up an important chapter of our lives.

(y)our Vision

the part two is a growing community created for twenty somethings. We curate articles and other collaborative content.

We recognize that it's okay to not have everything figured out yet. This is the time in our lives to make mistakes, encounter new people, places, and things, conquer any challenges that come along, and learn as much as we can. We want to instill a sense of comradery among us and our peers, as well as guide and inspire one another and future generations to come. 


We're all works in progress and there is a certain beauty in embracing this. We hope that our effort will excite and motivate all who encounter it.

(Y)Our community

We're a team of two within a much larger and more diverse community of twenty somethings. the part two showcases stories, thoughts, opinions, and advice from unique individuals and groups all around the world!